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Turmeric Bulbes / हल्दी बल्ब / Curcuma Longa

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Nizamabad Premium Turmeric Bulbs is the original genuine high curcumin turmeric. It is very popular in the US and other countries and has curcumin percentages of min.5%. This generic variety of turmeric is grown only in Kerala state. 

Nizamabad Turmeric Bulbs is much darker in colour. Its curcumin content on average at 5% and may be as high as 6.5%, making it a more effective colouring agent with superior fresh turmeric flavour notes. Alleppey turmeric more closely resembles the flavour of fresh turmeric and has a somewhat earthy aroma with surprisingly delicate top notes of lemon and mint, reminiscent of its cousin, ginger. The texture is 'oily' due to the higher curcumin content, and when blending with other spices we suggest sieving it through a small strainer to prevent clumping.

We are offering the finest quality Nizamabad Premium Turmeric Bulbs in the market.Nizamabad Premium Turmeric Bulbs are enriched with antioxidants and other minerals that make these best to be used for the treatment of contusions, rheumatism and jaundice.


Turmeric is used to flavour and to colour foodstuffs. It is a principal ingredient in curry powder. Turmeric oleoresin is used in brine pickles and to some extent in mayonnaise and relish formulations, non-alcoholic beverages, gelatins, butter and cheese etc. The colour curcumin extracted from turmeric is used as a colourant. Turmeric is also used as a dye in textile industry. It is used in the preparation of medicinal oils, ointments and poultice. It is stomachic, carminative, tonic, blood purifier and an antiseptic. It is used in cosmetics. The aqueous extracts has biopesticidal properties.

Health benefits of Turmeric 

      1) Lowering LDL cholesterol - Studies have shown that turmeric lowers LDL cholesterol levels. LDLs are responsible for the buildup of plaque in the arteries that could lead to heart disease.

      2) Treating High Blood Pressure - Turmeric has been shown to improve blood flow as well as strengthen blood vessels.

      3) Guarding Against Cancer - Studies point to turmeric's ability to neutralize free radicals, chemicals that could damage cells. Turmeric can ward off cancer and tumorous growths.

      4) Promoting General Health - Turmeric extract contains powerful antioxidants which can help boost the body's immune system and protect against illness and disease.


        • Hindi : Haldi
        • Bengali : Halud, Pitras
        • Gujarati : Haldhar, Haldi
        • Kannada : Arishia
        • Konkani : Halad
        • Malayalam : Manjal
        • Marathi : Halede, Halad
        • Oriya : Haldil
        • Punjabi : Haldar, Haldhar, Haldi
        • Sanskrit : Haladi, Harita
        • Tamil : Manjal
        • Telugu : Pasupu
        • Urdu : Haladi

        • Product Name: Nizamabad Turmeric Bulbs
        • Type: Single Herbs & Spices
        • Style: Dried
        • Drying Process: AD
        • Processing Type: Raw
        • Certification: ISO
        • Shape: Powder
        • Color: Golden-yellow
        • Place of Origin: India
        • Weight (kg): 500
        • Shelf Life: 2 – 3 Years at STC
        • Model Number: CRE 251 - CRE 260
        • Type: Indian Turmeric



         It takes on average 3-5 days. 


        Our products comes in transparent Ziploc Pouch, which keeps our products in good condition.


        We supply 100 % Natural and authenticate products.There are no added colors and preservatives.Our products are Non Gmo and Vegan Friendly.

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        Storage Directions: 

        Keep it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and sunlight. Store the contents in an Airtight Container after opening the package.Keep away from Children's