Collection: Kwath Bharad

Ayurvedic kadha or kwath is an herbal decoction

Other names of kadha are Kashaya and Kashayam. kwath is available in solid form.


Bharangyadi Kwath Bharad

Bruhat Varunadi Kwath Bharad

Dashmooli Kwath Bharad

Devdarvyadi Kwath Bharad

Mahamanjisthadi Kwath Bharad

Maharasnadi Kwath Bharad

Panchatikta Kwath Bharad

Panchatrunamool Kwath Bharad

Panchavalkal Kwath Bharad

Pathyadi Kwath Bharad

Poonarnavastak Kwath Bharad

Rasana Saptak Kwath Bharad

Triphala Kwath Bharad


There are many uses and benefits of kwath (bharad) ,you should know how to use these kwath bharad based on illness or health goals

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1.what are the side effects of kwath bharad?

There are no major side effects but some people might be allergic to it

2.who should avoid use of kwath bharad?

Pregnant women and children below 18 years should avoid using it unless guidance of professional expert

3.How to use Kwath

Add kwath ingredients to a cup of warm water for best results.