List of Ayurvedic Products-Essential Oils

Lavendar Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Peppermint Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Citronella Oil

Turmeric Oil

Rosemary Oil

Kashmiri Lavendar Oil

Cucumber Oil

Bergamont Oil

Basil Oil

Frankincense Oil

Orange Oil

Lemon Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

Tuberrose Oil

Strawberry Oil

Carrot Oil

Black Pepper Oil

Patchouli Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Benzoin Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Ajwain Oil

Geranium Oil

Juniper Berry Oil

Chamomile Oil

Tansy Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Onion Oil

Kumkumadi Oil

Petitgrain Oil

Clove Oil

Clary sage Oil

Vetiver Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Neroli Oil

Kalonji Oil

Aroma Oil

Lavendar Oil

Purple Lavendar Oil

Green Leaf Oil

Mango Oil

White Fresh Oudh Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Ashiyana Oil

Orange Oil

Orange Fresh Oil

Wow Blossom Oil

Tube Rose Oil

White Jasmine Oil

Green Lemongrass Oil

Lilawadi Oil

Lovely Water Oil

Gold Fantasia Oil

Cucumber Oil

Strawberry Oil

Forest Wood Oil

Nawab Oudh Oil

Fresh Kashmiri Rose Oil

Forest Oudh Oil

White Mogra Oil

Sandalwood Forest Oil

Coffee Fragrance

Chocolate Fragrance


White Oudh


Bulbul Fragrance

Black Oudh

Ice Oudh


Musk Super









Mix Flower

Day and Night



Wheatgerm Oil

Apricot Oil

Rosehip Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Ricinus Oil

Olive Carrier Oil

Jojoba Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Sweet     Almond     Oil

Flower Evening Primrose Oil

Avocado  Oil

Aloevera   Oil

Leaf neem Oil

Leaf and Flower Bringraj Oil

Argan Oil

Amla Oil

Nirgundi Oil

Castor Oil

Coconut Oil

Almond Oil

Cedarwood Oil


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