Putrajivak Beej Seed Powder ,Putranjiva Roxburghii and  Shivlingi Beej  Seeds Powder Putrajivak shivlingi
Putrajivak Beej Seed Powder ,Putranjiva Roxburghii and  Shivlingi Beej  Seeds Powder Putrajivak shivlingi
Putrajivak Beej Seed Powder ,Putranjiva Roxburghii and  Shivlingi Beej  Seeds Powder Putrajivak shivlingi
Putrajivak Beej Seed Powder ,Putranjiva Roxburghii and  Shivlingi Beej  Seeds Powder Putrajivak shivlingi

Putrajivak Beej Seed Powder ,Putranjiva Roxburghii and Shivlingi Beej Seeds Powder Putrajivak shivlingi

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Product description

Putrajivak Beej Seed Powder ,Putranjiva Roxburghii

Putrajeevak Beej is an Ayurvedic medicine used for the treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriage. Its botanical name is Putranjiva Roxburghii and commonly known as Putrajeevak, Putranjiva, Jiyopota, Jivaputrak. Putrajeevak Beej helps in to strengthen the uterine musculature and supports the reproductive system to conceive. You can naturally treat infertility by consuming

Nutritional Value of Putrajeevak

Putrajeevak seeds contain fatty oils while the kernel has a store of essential oils that smell like mustard. Isothiocyanate providing glycosides,glucoputranjivin, glucocochelearin, glucojiaputin and glucocleomin are also present in it. The main constituent of the essential oil obtained from this plant are isopropyl and 2-butyl isothiocyanates. Apart from this it has a minor component, 2-methylbutyl isothiocyanate.

Also known as: Putrajivak, Putra Jiva, Putrajivi, Putran Jiva, Irukoli, Kuduru Jivi, Putranjiva, Jiyaputra, Putranjiva, Jivputrak, Putran Jiv, Roxburghii, Putrijivak, Putrijeevak

Benefits /  Uses of Putrajivak seed

The herb apart from its reproductive attributes also helps in reducing inflammation in joints and also for inflamed throats of animals.

Putrajeevak doesn’t only works on your reproductive organs. It also helps you to get rid of the stubborn pimples and the redness caused due to it. Pimples are a common concern for those suffering from hormonal imbalances and have oily skin.

Treats Fever and Cold
Putrajeevak leaves are extremely effective in treating cold, fever and rheumatism.

Cures Headaches
Headaches can be a serious problem that does not let you function properly and makes you irritated and the agony is brutal.

Uses of Putrajeevak
Putrajeevak seeds aids in alleviating the health of female reproductive organs.

In men, it is found to be highly beneficial for treating male infertility occurring due to any of the reasons like Oligospermia, teratozoosperm

Side-Effects of Putrajeevak
Putrajeevak does not have any considerable side effects or allergie. But according to Ayurveda people having kapha dosha should not take putrajeevak as it shall increase the problems related to it. It should be strictly kept away from the reach of the children

Directions for Use:
Consume 1/4 tsp (3-5 gm) with lukewarm water after a meal or as directed by a health practitioner.

Shivlingi Beej  Seeds Powder Bryonia Laciniosa

Shivlingi seeds health benefits uses

In ayurvedic and folk medicine, shivlingi seeds have been attributed with numerous health building and healing benefits. It is known as an excellent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling and redness) and antipyretic. But shivlingi is most famously known for its fertility boosting properties.

Benefits for women:

Shivlingi seeds are best known for their fertility boosting effects. They nourish uterine tissue, regulate menstrual cycle, and improve the quality of ovarian follicles.

However, shivlingi seeds have an abortifacient effect, so shivlingi consumption should be avoided during pregnancy.

Improve male fertility: Shivlingi seeds have a positive effect on male fertility. In preclinical

To get a male child: It is a widely believed concept that shivlingi seed consumption would lead to the birth of a male child. However, sex of a baby is determined by genetic factors and it is impossible to get a male child by taking herbs or supplements.

Antipyretic: Shivlingi seeds are used for treating fevers in ayurvedic medicine. It also mediates a tonic effect on body thus reducing fatigue and weakness associated with fever.

 Also known as: Sivlingi, Shivalingi, Shivling, Sivalingi, Shivlangi, Shivalinga, Bryonopsis Laciniosa, Chivalingi, Aiveli, Aivirali

How is shivlingi used Shivlingi seeds can be taken directly or in the form of powder. A paste of shivlingi leaves is used a traditional remedy for inflammation. Shivlingi seeds and leaves have also been in use as an antipyretic (fever-reducing agent) in Ayurvedic medicine

How to take shivlingi seeds The ideal adult dosage of shivlingi seeds is 1-2 grams per day. According to ayurvedic doctors, the best time to take shivlingi seeds is 3 hours after your meal. Shivlingi seeds can also be taken twice a day with milk to help reduce weight

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