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What are home made Ayurvedic treatments for cold and cough?

Here are few ayurvedic products which can be use for treat cold and cough at home

1. Giloy/ Giloi / Galo

Giloy is used in ayurveda to treat cold.Giloy is a plant with heart-shaped leaves that is also known as Guduchi or Amrita. Giloy helps in the treatment of cold caused due to pollutants or allergens and helps manage tonsillitis. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory property helps boost immunity.

Giloy can be consumed in the following ways:

● As a juice – You can buy readymade Giloy juice from the market or extract it at home and add it to water
● As tablets – Giloy tablets
● By adding in giloy powder in a kadha


Mulethi or licorice is a bitter tasting herb that has seen old-age application in cold allergy treatment in Ayurveda. It has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties that help in thinning the mucus inside the airways. This helps in finding relief from cough and congestion.

You can have mulethi in the following ways:

● By adding mulethi powder to warm water
● By gargling with mulethi extract
● By adding it to tea or kadha

● As tablets or ghanvati– Giloy tablets

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