What are benefits and Medicinal Uses of Patranga (Sappan Wood)?

What are benefits and Medicinal Uses of Patranga (Sappan Wood)?

Medicinal Uses of Patranga (Sappan Wood):

Internal and External Application:

Patranga is utilized both internally and externally for its medicinal benefits.
Its medicinal properties are akin to Yellow Chandan (Santalum flonum, Pila Chandan, Peet Chandana).

Topical Applications:

Applied topically to accelerate wound healing.
Effective in stopping bleeding and soothing rashes and bruises.

Internal Usage:

Regulates menses post-childbirth when taken internally.
Decoction of the wood is administered in cases of hemoptysis (coughing up blood or blood-stained mucus from the bronchi, larynx, trachea, or lungs).

Treatment for Various Conditions:

Heartwood decoction proves beneficial in diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal issues, leucorrhoea, and uterine hemorrhage.
Small pieces of heartwood, when mixed with water, produce a dark red solution.
The solution possesses properties such as anti-thirst, blood purifying, antidiabetic, and complexion-enhancing.

Additional Uses:

The wood is employed in obtaining red dye.
It serves as a component in shampoos.

In summary, Patranga, or Sappan Wood, exhibits a range of medicinal applications, both externally and internally, addressing issues such as wound healing, bleeding, menses regulation, hemoptysis, gastrointestinal problems, and more. Additionally, the wood contributes to the production of red dye and finds use in shampoo formulations.


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