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Treatment for dark skin tone or uneven skin tone

Home-made remedies made with natural ingredients is most effective way to treat any kind of health problem ,specifically skin problems as we waste lots of money on retail products.

So make your own remedy with natural products along with knowing what are exact benefits of ingredients unlike very less percentage of people check ingredients of retail products.

Sandalwood (chandan) is popular used as a beauty remedy, very few people know about the Red sandalwood. Rakta Chandana or the red sandalwood is one of the finest ingredients for your skin.

Rakt Chandan is used in traditional herbal medicine as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, tonic, hemorrhage, dysentery, aphrodisiac, anti-hyperglycaemic and diaphoretic

Follow the recipe mentioned in photo attached below to treat uneven or dark skin tone.

Nutrixia Food

Apply this weekly twice for 2 months and feel the results

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