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Sabja seeds are also known as falooda seedsbasil seeds or tukmaria seeds and are a powerhouse of nutrition and packed with immunity-boosting properties. These tiny little seeds are often confused with chia seeds.

“Basil seeds also offer benefits in preventing weight gain in people with metabolic syndrome. ... Thus, basil seeds or sabja seeds can safely be added to your diet. However, just eating these seeds won't lead to weight loss. You need to add some more diet tweaks and workout in order to lose weight.

According to various studies, dietary fiber present in sabja seeds helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Sabja seeds are a coolant that help in beating the scorching summer heat.

The antioxidants in basil seeds help stimulate the production of hair and prevent premature hair loss.


Here are some sabja seeds benefits:
  • Helps in Weight Loss. 
  • Reduces Body Heat. 
  • Controls Blood Sugar Levels. 
  • Relieves Constipation and Bloating. 
  • Treats Acidity and Heartburn. 
  • For Healthy Skin and Hair. 
  • Cures Cough and Flu.