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Kantkari / कांतकारी / Yellow-berried Nightshade / Solanum virginianum

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Plant body
Thorny Nightshade is a herb which is erect, sometimes woody at base, 50–70 cm tall, copiously armed with sturdy, needlelike, broad-based prickles 0.5–2 cm × 0.5–1.5 mm.

Leaves are unequal paired; stalk[a] 2–3.5 cm, prickly; leaf blade ovate-oblong, 4–9 × 2–4.5 cm, prickly along veins, margin usually 5–9-lobed or pinnately parted, lobes unequal, sinuate, apex acute.

Inflorescence elongate racemes 4–7 cm. Sepal tube is bell-shaped 1 cm in diameter.

Flowers blue-purple, 1.4–1.6 × 2.5 cm; petals ovate-deltate, 6–8 mm, densely pubescent with stellate hairs. Filaments 1 mm; anthers 8 mm. Style 1 cm.

Fruiting pedicel 2–3.6 cm, with prickles and sparse stellate hairs. Fruiting sepals prickly, sparsely pubescent. Berry pale yellow, 1.3–2.2 cm in diameter.The ripe yellow fruits are around 3 cm in diameter. Flowering normally appears around November to May.

Solanum virginianum, also called Surattense nightshade, yellow-fruit nightshade, yellow-berried nightshade, Thai green eggplant, Thai striped eggplant (from the unripe fruit), is also known as Indian night shade or yellow berried night shade plant, the common name is Kantakari, Solanumsurattense Brum. f. and Solanum xanthocarpum Schrad. and Wendl. are synonyms of Solanum virginianum L. (Sharma et al., 2010).[4] It is also a medicinal plant used mostly in India. Some part of the plant is poisonous ex. the fruit which is poisonous

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