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Parijatak Phool Dry - Harshringar Phool - Paarijaat Flower Dry - Parijat Flower- पारिजात Dry- Harshingar Phool - Nyctanthes Arbortristis

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Parijat or Harsingar is called the tree of Devaloka. It is said that this tree also appeared along with various gems at the time of sea-churning. In its shadow, the relaxer's intellect increases. This tree also removes negative energy. Its flowers are very fragrant and fragrant which provides coolness and strength to the brain. If possible, this useful tree should be planted around your house.

Parijat fever and vermin, curing cough and phlegm , enhancing liver function , cleansing the stomach and is beneficial in rheumatism , arthritis and dermatitis.


  • Latin name- Nyctanthes arbor
  • Hindi name-Har singar
  • English name- Night jasmine or Coral jasmine
  • Bengali name- Shefalika, Shivuli
  • Guajarati name- Harshanagar
  • Kannada name- Parijatha
  • Marathi name- Parijath
  • Telugu name- Parijatamu
  • Tamil name- Majjapu