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Nishot (White)- Nishoth Safed - Nishod White -निशोथ सफेद - Turbad - Turpethum - Indian Jalap

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  • Operculina turpethum (Linn.) (OT) Silva Manso also called as Tihudi/Trivrit because of the triangular shape stem is an Indian Ayurvedic herb, belonging to the family Convolvulaceae.
  • It is known by other names Indian Jalap/Turpeth root in English, Nisoth/Turpeth/Panila/Pithori in Hindi, Trivrit in Sanskrit, Tegada in Telugu, Trikolpakkonna/Triputa/Sivata in Malayalam, Sigade in Kannada, and Kumbham/Sivatai in Tamil.
  • It is usually found on the roadsides across India, up to 1000 square feet and sometimes cultivated in gardens as an ornament.
  • The distribution of this plant is randomly found in tropical regions of India, America, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Mauritania, and Africa.
  • In Ayurvedic system, OT-Nishoth has been incorporated as in the group of “ten purgative herbs,” supportive for a therapeutic enema, ten antidote herbs in the group of herbs eliminating the toxins, and in the group of colon cleanser, anticancer, and antidote herb