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Kateri Jad Root Powder Solanum Xanthocarpum Bhatkatiya Root Powder – Kantakari Churna - Katehri - (Ringni Mool)

Kateri Jad Root Powder Solanum Xanthocarpum Bhatkatiya Root Powder – Kantakari Churna - Katehri - (Ringni Mool)

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Kateri Jad Root Powder Solanum Xanthocarpum Bhatkatiya Root Powder – Kantakari Churna - Katehri - (Ringni Mool)


Kantakari has a variety of regional names like Katai, Katali, Ringani, Bhatakataiya in Hindi; Febrifuge plant in English; Bhauringani, Kataringani in Marathi; Katvaedana, Kantakar in Assamese; Kantakari in Bengali; Bharingani in Gujrati; Nelagulla, Kiragulla in Kannada; Kath in Kashmiri; Kantakari chunda in Malayalam; Bhejibaugana, Ankarati, Chakada Bhoji in Oriya; Kandiari in Punjabi; Kandangatri, Kandankatri, Kandanghathiri in Tamil; Nelamulaka, Pinnamulaka, Mulaka in Telugu

Solanum xanthocarpum, Vyaghri, Nidigdhika, Ksudra, Kantakarika, Dhavani, Nidigdha, Katvaedana, Kantakar, Febrifuge plant, Bharingani, Katai, Katali, Ringani, Bhatakataiya, Chhotikateri, Nelagulla, Kiragulla, Kantakari chunda, Bhauringani, Kataringani, Bhejibaugana, Ankarati, Chakada Bhoji, Kandiari, Kandangatri, Kandankatri, Kandanghathiri, Nelamulaka, Pinnamulaka, Mulaka, Chinnamulaka, Vakudu

English : Febrifuge plant, Hindi : Katai, Katali, Ringani, Bhatakataiya, Choti kateli, Sanskrit : Vyaghri, Nidigdhika, Ksudra, Kantakarika, Dhavani, Nidigdha, Dusparsa, Urdu : Katai khurd,. Bhat Khattiya, kateli, Punjabi : Kandiari, Gujrati : Bharingani,  Marathi : Bhauringani, Kataringani, Assamese : Katvaedana, Kantakar, Bengali : Kantakari, Kannada : Nelagulla, Kiragulla, Kashmiri : Kath, Malayalam : Kantakari chunda, Oriya : Bhejibaugana, Ankarati, Chakada Bhoji, Tamil : Kandangatri, Kandankatri, Kandanghathiri, Telugu : Nelamulaka, Pinnamulaka, Mulaka, Chinnamulaka, Vakudu


Kateri in-

Sanskrit-कण्टकारी, दुस्पर्शा, क्षुद्रा, व्याघी, निदिग्धिका, कण्टकिनी, धावनी;

Hindi-कटेरी, कंटकारी, छोटी कटाई, भटकटैया, रेंगनी, रिगणी, कटाली, कटयाली;

Urdu-कटीला (Katilla);

Odia-ओन्कोरान्ती (Onkoranti), रेगिंनी भेजिरी (Rengini bhejiri);

Kannada-नेलगुल्ला (Nelagulla), चिक्कासोण्डे (Chikkasonde);

Gujrati-भोयारिंगणी (Bhoyaringani);

Bengali-कंटकारी (Kantakari);

Marathi-रिङ्गणी (Ringani), भुईरिङ्गणी (Bhuiringani), पसरकटाई (Pasarkatai);

Telegu-नेलवाकफडु (Nelavakudu), वाकफडु (Vakudu);

Tamil-कांडनगट्टरी (Kandangattari), सुट्टुरम (Sutturam);

Malayalam-कण्टकारीचुण्टा (Kantakarichunta), पुट्टाचुंट(Puttachunta),कण्टकारीवलुटाना (Kantakarivalutana), कण्टकट्टारी (Kantakattari)।

English-थॉर्नी नाइट शेड (Thorny night shade);

Arbi-बादिंजन बर्री (Badinjan barri), शैकतुल्अकरब (Shaiktulakrab);

Persian-बदनगनेदश्ती (Badanganedashti), कटाई खुर्द (Katai khurd)।


Benefits and uses of Kateri jad


If you are suffering from headache due to work stress and hectic life, then the home remedy of Kateri proves to be very beneficial.


Dandruff often occurs when working outside in dusty soil or sunlight throughout the day. To get rid of this, mix equal quantity of the juice of Kateri fruit and apply it on the head.


A lot comes in eye diseases, such as common eye pain, night blindness, red eyes etc. In all these types of problems, home remedies made from Kateri are very useful. Grind 20-30 grams leaves of kateri plant and make its pulp and tie it on the eyes, it ends pain.


With the change of season, there is a fever, cold and fever, taking equal quantity (20 grams) of pittapapada, giloy and small cutri in it, after cooking it in half a liter of water and giving a decoction of one-fourth part of it, gives a lot of benefit.


Cough relief (Kantkari for Cough in Hindi) If you are suffering from cough due to change of weather and it is not taking its name to reduce then it can be treated with bamboo. Licking half to 1 gram powder of Kateri flower with honey ends all types of cough in children.

  1. Taking 15-20 ml leaf juice or 20-30 ml root decoction mixed with 1 gram small peepal powder and 250 mg rock salt provides relief in cough.
  2. Taking 5-10 grams of Ghee cooked with the juice of small berries provides relief in cough.
  3. Mixing 1-2 grams of Pippali powder in 25 to 50 ml decoction of Kateri and taking it provides relief from cough. Taking 20-40 ml decoction of Kantakari provides relief in respiratory problems, cough and chest pain.
  4. Taking 1-2 grams of white thorn fruit powder mixed with butter provides relief.


  • It is a 100% Natural.
  • It is a vegetarian product.
  • There are no added preservatives and artificial colors.

Ingredients -Kateri Jad Root Powder Solanum Xanthocarpum Bhatkatiya Root Powder – Kantakari Churna - Katehri - (Ringni Mool)

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