Desiccated Coconut-सूखा नारियल

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Coconut meat which has been shredded, chipped or powdered and then dried out is called desiccated coconut. It is prepared by removing natural moisture in the coconut fruit. It has a snow-white appearance with a fresh sweetness and nutty flavor. Desiccated coconut is also available in a sweetened, toasted or toasted sweetened variety.


It is used in making cookies, cakes, pastries, desserts, puddings or any other coconut-based recipe where raw grated coconut cannot be used.

Dried coconut can be consumed as a snack, in cereal, baked goods, salad, smoothies or sauteed with vegetables. In many regions of South India, grated coconut is used as a garnish in several traditional dishes. It is also available in an unsweetened form.

Nutritional Value

1. Desiccated coconut has a very high-fat content but low cholesterol and sodium.
2. The health benefits of desiccated coconut are similar to that of fresh coconut but there is a slight loss in nutrients due to the preservation process.

Did you know?

India is the largest coconut producing country in the world.



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