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Premium Almond / बादाम / Badam / Prunus dulcis

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Benefits of Almond 

1. Almond is rich in fiber, protein and healthy fat, which prevents you from over eating, meaning that you do not feel hungry by eating them. If you have to keep it in weight control, then eat a handful almonds daily.                                                           

2. Almond also helps in fighting diabetes. According to the news published in the American Diabetes Association, Almond puts weight in the control in diabetes.         

3. The magnesium present in almonds strengthens the bones and make the muscles strong.               

4. Vitamin B17 is found in abundance in soaked almonds, which gives this cancer the power to fight breast cancer especially. That is why cancer patients should feed and feed almonds daily in the morning. 

5. Anyone who is allergic to milk or gluten should drink almond milk. This milk is a good source of essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamin D, calcium, fiber and potassium, copper for their body. 

7. Almonds also help reduce hair loss and reduce  as well as help in recovering from diseases . At the same time, they make glowing and healthy skin by giving necessary nutrients to the skin.


 Scientific Name : Prunus dulcis


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