What are the benefits and uses of Niranjan phal malva nuts china nut ? How to take? Nutrixia Food

What are the benefits and uses of Niranjan phal malva nuts china nut ? How to take?


People suffering from piles should keep a Niranjan fruit soaked in half a glass of water at night while sleeping. In the morning, mash it in the same water on an empty stomach and drink that water. By doing this, the possibility of getting relief in piles increases very quickly

Reducing ulcer

Person suffering from ulcer can also reduce his problem to a great extent by consuming it. Consuming it either slows down or ends. Therefore you can eat Niranjan fruit even in ulcers.

Reduce soreness in the throat

Reduce Body Heat

Reduce acidity and constipation

Stop Uterine Bleeding



Frequesntly asked questions-FAQ

Is Niranjan Phal good for acidity?

Niranjan Phal helps in cases of acidity and piles.

When should I take Niranjan Phal?

Niranjan Phal is Easy cure for piles. When soaked overnight in a cup of water, it swells. Crush it & squeeze its juice & drink on empty stomach first thing in the morning.

How does Niranjan Phal work?

The primary property of the fruit of the niranjan plant is that it acts as a blood coagulant. For excessive bleeding, it is highly recommended

Can Niranjan Phal delay periods?

You can soak Niranjan Phal in water for 1.5 to two hours till the time fruit swells to the size of a lemon. Crush and squeeze the pulp into the water. Add some sugar and drink it. This effectively controls menstrual bleeding

Is Niranjan Phal good for constipation?

Niranjan Phal helps in dealing with weakness, swellings, constipation, and acidity.

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