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What are Benefits of Kulthi dal?


Benefits of Kulthi Dal  –


It is believed that regular consumption of kulthi dal can help in keeping the heart healthy by removing heart related problems.


Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled by changing lifestyle and eating habits.   kulthi dal helps to control diabetes.


potent plant substances found in kulthi namely flavonoids and polyphenols. safeguard liver and gall bladder, and streamline their key roles in filtering and purifying the blood and detoxifying chemicals in the body.

Sperm Count

The calcium, phosphorus, iron and amino acids in horse gram boost the sperm count. These minerals positively act on the male reproductive system, increasing blood flow to those organs, while the amino acids augment enzyme activity, which in turn assures optimal generation of sperms.


The problem of kidney stone can be overcome by including it in the diet.

it is very effective in eliminating harmful free radicals from causing injury to healthy kidney cells. The elements found in Kulthi dal can help in taking out the stones from the kidney.


If you are troubled by the problem of obesity and want to reduce weight, then Kulthi dal can help you. By including Kulthi dal in the diet, you can easily reduce weight.


Horse gram can calm kapha and vatha dosha and increase rakta pitta kopaka dosha.

Ayurvedic medicines also recommend horse gram for treating jaundice, rheumatism, conjunctivitis and piles


Horse gram is a storehouse of polyphenols, flavonoids, and potent antioxidants that keep your body strong, vibrant and young

Horse gram has the power to heal any health issue you name it such as asthma, bronchitis, leucoderma, urinary discharge, kidney stones and heart ailment


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Please tell me how to prepare prepare this Dal for treating Kidney stone

M P Bajpai

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