What are Benefits of Arand Mool Powder/ Erand Root ? Nutrixia Food

What are Benefits of Arand Mool Powder/ Erand Root ?

Arand Mool Powder- Castor Root - Arandi Jadd - Erand Mool - Ricinus Communes

Benefits of Arand Mool / Erand Root

    • Useful in chronic constipation, arthritis, gouts, joint pain, obesity, hernia, gall bladder; kidney stone, headache, cold & dry cough
    •  Used to treat muscle pain.

    • Useful to treat Fever and cough,

      Other names

      Eranda, Amanakku, Khirva

      African Coffee Tree, Arandi, Bi Ma Zi, Bofareira, Castorbean, Castor Bean, Castor Bean Plant, Castor Oil, Castor Oil Plant, Castor Seed, Erand, Eranda, Gandharva Hasta, Graine de Ricin, Huile de Ricin, Huile de Ricin Végétale, Mexico Weed, Palma Christi, Ricin, Ricin Commun, Ricin Sanguin, Ricine, Ricino, Ricinus communis, Ricinus sanguines, Tangantangan Oil Plant, Wonder Tree.


      How to take Arand Mool Powder ? Usage And Dosage

       2 to 3 gm with water or as directed by physician


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