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How do I increase my memory power?

As per ayurveda there is tree called Malkangani also called as intellect tree, staff tree, or tree of Life.

Due to its Medhya (improves intelligence) property it helps to enhance memory.

poor memory is due to inactivity of Kapha or aggravation of Vata dosha. Malkangani helps in balancing Vata and improves memory.

How to take

a. Take 2-5 drops of Malkangani oil.
b. Add it to lukewarm milk or water.
c. Have it once a day after taking light food

There are also other benefits of Malkangani

  • ·Malkangani can also help with your digestion process and increases appetite.
  • ·Application of Malkangani oil can be beneficial in managing cold related diseases.
  • ·Sharpen the memory due to its Medhya (improves intelligence) property.
  • ·The application of Malkangani on the scalp makes hair healthy and helps reduce dandruff due to its antifungal property.
  • ·It provides relief in headache.
  • · Used to treat Male Sexual Dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Synonyms of Malkangani

Celastrus paniculatus, Staff tree, Doddaganugae, Gangunge beeja, Gangunge humpu, Kangondiballi, Ceruppunnari, Uzhinja, Malkangoni, Malkanguni, Jyotishmati, Valuluvai, Peddamaveru3

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