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How do I improve my skin's quality naturally?

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Would you like to know my secret of younger looking skin? Well it will just take 3 minutes.

I am using Ayurveda plant which is called "miracle plant”

It contains over 240 nutritional and medicinal ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, lignin, saponins, sterols, amino acids, salicylic acid among other. It also contains 19 out of 20 Amino which are necessary for our organism.

The plant is “Aloe Vera”

1. How to Harvest this Plant-

Personally I have 7 to 8 Aloevera Plant in my house. It doesn’t require much care. You just need to put water on your weekends. Yeah ! you read right. Only on weekends and this plant will give you tremendous benefits.

2. How to use Aloevera for skin/ face-

i. Remove one leaf at a time.

ii. Cut them close to the steam. Most of the best nutrients found in the base of the leaves (in yellow colour)

iii. Wash and dry it.

iv. Trim the prickly edges with Knife.

v. Apply the white gel directly on your face and rinse off with water after 20– 30 minutes.

vi. You can try the above method twice a week for better result.

vii. You can directly purchase aloe plant from Market or you can buy online

Warning:-If you experience redness or swelling on your face, DO NOT apply Aloe Vera. Check with your dermatologist before using, especially if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergic skin reactions


Source-Prasad Gawade Quora



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