How do I get rid of pimple marks naturally ?

How do I get rid of pimple marks naturally ?

You can make your own remedy at home in few seconds and its 100% Natural.
You only need Arjun sal powder , Manjistha powder and Honey

**Arjuna Powder / अर्जुन पाउडर / Terminalia arjuna-**
**Arjun sal **powder has properties of strengthening the heart muscles so its is helpful in treatment of cardiovascular ailments .Also its is useful in asthma, hypertension and kidney stones.
Arjun sal is very useful in treatment of skin problems
It is helpful in treating pimples and black spots
1-Add one spoon of Arjun powder along with **Honey** and make a thick paste of it
2-Apply paste on skin and keep it as for 15-20 min
3-If you have more black spots then **Manjistha **(Rubria cordifolia) powder can be added
This will make your face blooming like lotus.

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